Submission Guidelines

What We Publish
We’re happy to publish any number of different things, provided it’s your own original work: fiction, non-fiction, essays, plays, flash fiction, poetry, or some exciting genre we haven’t heard of yet! Previously published submissions are accepted (provided publishing information is given), but previously unpublished work will be given priority. Come on, fellas – give us little guys a chance!

Note: The theme for issue #3 is “Recipe”. Deadline is 1st April.
Please email your submissions to


Each zine will have a theme, though your connections may be as tenuous as you like. Our first and second issues were about bees and vines. Issue #3 will be on the topic of recipes.

Fiction, Non-Fiction & Essays

We’ll consider one long-form submission per writer for each zine, so if you have more than one just send any extras another month! Max. word count is 2,000 words, with no minimum word count.

🍽 Recipes
From Issue #3 onwards, we’re accepting any and all recipes you have! Max. word count for recipes is 1,000 words, with no minimum word count.


We’re happy to consider up to five poems per writer, though poems exceeding 30 lines will be counted as two of those five poems!


Artists can submit up to three visual pieces per issue, but keep in mind that for now the zine will be printed in black and white. We do not currently have the facilities to print photography (maybe when we’re rich and famous).

Manuscript Formatting

12pt font, double spaced, Times New Roman. OR: literally anything legible. Garamond is widely regarded as the sexiest font.

Simultaneous Submissions

Go for it. Get your work out there. Getting published is hard.

Get in touch through our Contact page. We don’t bite!